So you have a great idea… Now What?

It’s Saturday afternoon, and you’re in the yard doing some yard work. Then it dawns on you, the next big idea. Whether it’s a mobile app or a website, it probably has something to do with making peoples’ lives easier, or providing some sort of service in a way that hasn’t been thought of yet. Hint: the more specific or niche the idea is, the better.

Don’t let your idea stop there. Even after discussing it with a few friends and family members, who will either support it to the fullest or be Debbie-Downer and give you all the reasons your idea would never work, if you firmly believe in your idea you should move it forward.

The main objective here is to start small. Get simple feedback from others, get a finite list of features you think your idea needs, and get planning.

Planning a website is important, especially if you want to make money. Never jump into this without doing your homework.

If this is your first website or mobile app, the planning process may seem overwhelming.

You’ll probably start to wonder things like…

1) How much will this cost?

2) Do I have the necessary skills to do it myself, or will I have to find help?

3) What about copyright laws?

4) Do I need a website or mobile app and/or which is better?

5) Do I have to pay taxes on money I make?

All of these are good questions and concerns to have. Before you take the plunge and start acting on your decisions, make sure you spend some time here gathering the facts. It is always wise to search Google for some keywords to see what the competition is like.


Just because an idea already exists in some form does NOT mean that you can’t do it better. Sometimes existing websites and mobile apps are ugly, or don’t serve the intended purpose in the most elegant way. Maybe an existing website or mobile app just needs more of a niche spin on it.

After you become comfortable with the ins and outs of your idea, the functionality you’d like and the direction you’d like to take, the next logical step would be to talk to a professional website development agency, like SolcoMedia, in depth. We will assist you in converting your idea into a reality by information gathering, website mapping and detailed competitor analysis. Finally can answer your technical questions as well as questions about time and budget.

At the end of the day, all that separates an idea and a product or service is the motivation to move forward.