How to market a mobile app

Mobile app markets, like Apple iTunes  and Android Play market, are very competitive environments. Publishing an app puts developers up against millions of other apps which are all screaming for attention in the same categories. So how do you push your app to the front of the line for some spotlight attention?

Be Unique

One of the best ways to stand out in any mobile app market is to create a unique mobile app. Yes that seems to make sense, however a majority of apps are not creative, and simple creations by tired developers looking for quick income.

If you want to get an edge, make sure that you are either the first developer to post an app in a particular category or that you are reinventing an existing idea with some creative spin. If you’re just improving something that’s already available, your battle to market it will be uphill.

Submit your app for an award

If your app has what it takes to win an award, why not submit. Websites like the “Best Mobile App Awards” offer awards in many different categories, like “Best Bathroom-Break Casual Game“. Nominations are easy but winning an award is hard, and will surely give your iphone, ipad, android or windows mobile app the recognition it deserves.

Submit your app to multiple markets

Although iTunes, Google Play and the Windows Mobile App Market are the main players in the mobile world, there are hundreds of other smaller app markets to submit to. Each app market you submit to will give you more recognition by search engines.

Make your app tweetable

Getting people to talk about your app is essential to be successful. The more people mention it, the more exposure it will get in the social world. This will translate into sales, recognition and success. If your app is cool or unique, that’s great because people will talk more about it if given the chance.